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The 10 Best Criterion Collection Movies on Hulu

8. Three Colors: Red (1994)

The best of the trilogy of movies by Poland’s Krzysztof Kieślowski named after the colors in the French flag, this brilliantly plotted drama about seemingly unrelated lives that turn out to be intertwined stars the startling beauty Irene Jacob as a model and the legendary Jean-Louis Trintignant (Amour) as the mysterious retired judge she meets after she runs over his dog. Nominated for three Oscars including two for Kieślowski for best director and screenplay.

7. Love on the Run (1979)

France’s François Truffaut made somber melodramas, Hitchcockian thrillers and a film about being obsessed with death, but this romantic comedy is a superb piece of light entertainment. It’s the fifth and last film in Truffaut’s series about his alter ego Antoine Doinel, who was introduced as an alienated juvenile delinquent in The 400 Blows but grew into a thoughtful romantic with a habit of falling in love far too easily.