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Arsenio Hall's Return to Late Night Scores Big Ratings

Arsenio probably didn't deserve to win Celebrity Apprentice over Clay Aiken (or my man, Adam Carolla, dammit...), but during the show's run, I noted his strong work ethic, creativity and independence.

(Although I was thrown off by his meltdown over the admittedly irritating Aubrey O'Day.)

(News flash: He's a touchy celebrity, not to mention just plain human!)

But I'm not just contrarian.

I'm stubborn, too.

I've discovered over the years that if I just stand still long enough, other folks eventually catch up to me.

I'm thrilled to see, for instance, that comedian Paul Scheer has been spreading the Arsenio Gospel for some time now, in an albeit wacky way:

(He gets fellow comics like Seth Rogen to reenact famous old Arsenio interviews, which is some real "Rupert Pupkin" stuff right there...)