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Justin Trudeau: Canada's (Future) Pothead PM?


Even the Red Toronto Star felt obligated to write:

Honesty is good in itself. And Trudeau should be lauded for doing a rare thing in contemporary politics: answering a direct question forthrightly. But, notwithstanding the failings of Canada’s current pot policy, his response reveals a lack of judgment and a disregard for the law and his duty as a parliamentarian to uphold it. As a legislator he’s in an excellent position to change bad laws. Breaking them is hardly prime ministerial.

If Justin won't heed the words of the nation's biggest liberal paper, maybe he'll listen to his mom -- notorious hippie ex-party girl (and truly bipolar) Margaret:

"I loved marijuana. I was a hippie in the '60s," Trudeau said with a laugh.

"I started smoking at a young age. I took to it like a duck to water. Strawberry Fields Forever and all that." (...)

"Marijuana can trigger psychosis," said Trudeau. "Every time I was hospitalized it was preceded by heavy use of marijuana."

Trudeau was hospitalized three times for mental illness. (...)

Part of the hard work for Trudeau has been completely giving up the use of marijuana, something she once thought made her feel "wonderful."

"I miss it," she said of the pot- smoking. "It is a daily struggle. If it's around, I just don't stay around."

Anyway, Canadians are no different than Americans, in that our political junkies love playing "Can you imagine if this news was about the other guy?!" as much as you do.

The PMO was quick to issue an anticipatory statement, noting primly that the prime minister's asthma "precludes him from smoking anything."

And it's pretty hard for anyone on either side of the aisle to imagine square, uptight Star Trek nerd Stephen Harper ever getting high.

Well, maybe...