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A Tasty Trip Through the Amish Stands of Lancaster County


Fisher's Bakery & Roadside Stand, 328 North Belmont Road, Gordonville, Pa.: So the Amish aren't supposed to be prideful, but this little stand outside a family farm gives them serious reason to brag. Two very friendly Amish women and a trio of little girls kept a steady supply of treats flowing for the tourists, and I bought a hearty supply of goodies to take back to the Beltway.

"I'm going to be popular now!" I quipped as they bagged up my choices. They just smiled. Oops, that sounded pretty prideful. But it was a compliment.

They pulled a $4 shoofly pie -- a molasses and crumb concoction I'd never heard of before (I'm a Californian and was confused by chipped beef, half-smokes and scrapple when I moved out here as well) -- out of the fresh-baked box that had come down from the house. They had smaller versions of the fruit pies and of the sweet breads; I took home peach pie and zucchini bread. Their fresh loaves of white bread were soft and hearty with a hint of sugar, and their cinnamon rolls were slathered in so much icing you could barely see the roll. I haven't cracked open the pineapple jam yet, but I did try the pumpkin whoopie pie -- cookie-shaped pumpkin cakes with thick creamy filling -- and totally forgot that I usually don't care for sweet stuff.