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Stand-Up Comic vs. Air Force Colonel: Who's the Real Joker?

And frankly, I find Colonel Ciero's article condemning Fatel's sexually charged comedy routine pretty darned troubling in its own right.

Here's how his report begins (and no, I'm not making this up):

Call me Darius. King Darius ruled the greatest empire the world ever knew and then was routed. In 331 BC, the Persian King, with an empire stretching from Europe to China, encountered a rogue band of conquerors led by a long-haired Mede named Alexander. Alexander assaulted, retreated and then assaulted again until he crossed the Persian lines. The oblique attack caught the king off-guard and instead of taking charge, Darius fled.

Call me Darius.

Last Saturday night I left the comedy show at our Liberty Club...

Uh, ok.

Ciero goes on to describe Fatel's "offensive" routine in euphemistic, out of context, fatally unfunny detail.

He is particularly disgusted by what he interprets to be a "date rape" joke.

(In his lengthy, thoughtful defense posted at Laughspin, Mitch Fatel insists, "You will not find a bigger fan of the United States Military than myself." I add that Fatel's flaky onstage persona is pretty obviously a character, and not "himself.")

Anyway, the colonel goes on (and again, you can read it for yourself right here):

I left the show. I could have taken charge, upheld the line of our new military culture of professionalism and respect, and interrupted the comedian.

As Airmen and leaders, we are taught to intervene - Every Airman a Sensor - Be a Good Wingman - Intervene, Act, Motivate - STOP! Make the Right Call. On all accounts, I failed to stand up and take the sword from the attacker, the microphone from the comedian. Instead, I departed and reported.

Unfortunately, just one week earlier I stood in the same room and evoked Gen. George Washington's memory as an example to our NCO-selects on how to lead our Airmen and uphold a culture of discipline and respect.

In 1778, the defeated Continental Army was encamped at Valley Forge...