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Mind The Little Things... They Bite Hard if You Don't


In the beginning of 13 Weeks to Family Financial Freedom, I wrote in week 2 "Where to Start When Your Finacial Ship is Sinking" that  I would reevaluate my cellphone plan in an effort to lower our cost of living. I did. This month was our first month going back to sharing minutes rather than data.

I blew the minutes and Mike blew the data. This is not a good thing.

I concede there are some financial safety nets that do help. Especially when you are trying to establish new habits and set new boundaries. Training wheels, safety net-- whatever you want to call it -- I had to put something in place while we learn to be more self-disciplined on a couple of little things like cell phone minutes.

My safety net, or maybe a better word is supplement is the "Talkatone" app. Talkatone uses wifi, and lets you call or text any US or Canadian phone. It's google based, so you need a gmail account. You have the option of using your own phone number, or using a completely new number. I chose a new number, but have since regretted that decision. It would be better, me thinks, to have it on the same number so you can get no-cost incoming calls. That way there's no problem with letting everyone know a new number that you might not use all the time.

The call quality is not quite as clear as we're used to. Sort of reminds me of the early days of cell phones, only without the call getting dropped. My plan is to use it when I'm home for all calls that are not in network.

So far, I've enjoyed the freedom knowing the call is unlimited and I feel like I'm saving money each time I use it. Normally, I hate advertising on my apps-- but this time I'll give it a pass.

After finding this I went after my car insurance again. This time I cut it down by $30.00 a month without cutting coverage-- with the potential of saving more.

Here's what I found.