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Has McDonald’s Declared War on the Middle Class?

With all the value here produced, it's tough to imagine why McD's won't pay more. With all the value here produced, it's tough to imagine why McD's won't pay more.

Certainly, wealth redistribution remains sacrosanct to the Left. But let’s not pretend it somehow drives a productive economy. Only in a free market where transactions are consensual can real value be measured by price, providing accurate signals to both producers and consumers. The coercive price-setting advocated by the Left, giving people money simply because they demand it, signals that production is for chumps.

People who produce real value don’t have to protest for higher compensation. They earn it. Employers gladly pay what an employee is actually worth, because retaining that employee proves profitable.

The self-interest pursued in business takes nothing from anyone. Portraying a business like McDonald’s as an enemy in a war against the middle class offends reason. A business engaged in consensual trade with employees and customers cannot take anything from anyone. Only the state has the power to take. By seeking to deploy that power against a business like McDonald’s, the Left declares war against production, value, wealth, and liberty.