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2 Recipes for Eating Your Way to Back to the Good Life



As promised, I'll elaborate a little more of just how we did it. In reality, it is all principle-based and we are still very new to the concept. But here's the first, seemingly insignificant, yet profound change we made.

We upgraded two fundamental building blocks of life -- his water and his salt. Tap water became forbidden. We used filtered water from the AquaLiv Water System that only pulled the impurities and left behind the natural minerals. (More on water in a future post.)

"The AquaLiv® Water System is an alkaline water ionizer that produces structured alkaline water just like nature intended. Our holistic process naturally removes harmful pathogens and toxins—even fluoride—while carefully preserving beneficial minerals reverse osmosis systems strip away. AquaLiv also creates a healthful, natural alkaline pH as opposed to the artificial alkaline water most alkaline water ionizers create."

Next we replaced his table salt with Celtic or Himalayan. Notice a pattern? These are vital ingredients but we tried to get as close to the way they were originally designed -- with the 85 nutrients still intact. Of course when edema is so severe that "weeping" occurs, salt is the first thing the doctors eliminate. However, everybody needs salt -- or rather the array of minerals and iron that the Creator originally endowed it with.

We continue to walk this precarious line. While these two common everyday elements along with the food we eat, are vital to sustain life, they can also become a detriment to our health. But isn't that the balance we walk in every area of life as we try to live out a Judeo-Christian lifestyle?

Kosher Christian living is just taking the same premise into the food we eat. He created an abundance for us to enjoy and nourish us, but we must beware of man's corruptive hand and abuse, lest it turns to our detriment.

Then there are the recipes.