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The 5 Most Destructive Political Ideas in Matt Damon's Movies

3) We were the bad guys in Iraq.

Perhaps Damon’s most viciously America-hating film is the indefensible 2010 mega-bomb Green Zone, one of Universal’s biggest-ever money-losers.

The movie’s operating myth is that nefarious Pentagon forces who wanted to stir up war in Iraq simply lied about the WMDs (when every major intelligence service including that of France, which opposed the Iraq invasion, believed Saddam Hussein was hiding the weapons). During the Iraq war, an evil Rumsfeldian type (played by Greg Kinnear in the film) even sends out assassination teams of U.S. troops to murder Iraqis to hide what he’s doing, risking setting off a civil war within Iraq that could potentially be even more costly in terms of life than the actual invasion.

The movie is set up so that you’re supposed to root for the noble Iraqis when they do battle with American soldiers portrayed as murderous thugs.