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The 5 Most Destructive Political Ideas in Matt Damon's Movies

4) Fracking is bad, or something.

Spoiler alert: Damon’s strange 2012 flop Promised Land came and went so quickly it hardly attracted any notice, but it deserves to be watched and ridiculed for its preposterous central conceit.

Damon, who co-wrote the script, plays a hard-nosed negotiator sent out by fracking companies to blend into rural areas and exploit gullible townsfolk into selling the rights to the land beneath their feet for far less than it’s actually worth. Despite his cheerleading for fracking, and his opposition to a Greenpeace type (John Krasinski) who schools the townsfolk (and the audience) with the urban legend that fracking causes drinking water to become flammable, the movie takes an utterly bizarre U-turn at the end, when it is revealed that (surprise!) Krasinski’s character is actually a double agent who is secretly working for the fracking companies and has been sent to make eco warriors look bad.

While it’s amusing to think that fracking opponents are so incompetent they’re actually doing more harm than good for their side, they actually aren’t a joke: they sometimes succeed in scaring up job-destroying fracking bans, such as in New York state, which could really use the economic boost in its western rural areas.