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Major League Baseball Finally Lowers the Boom on Steroid Cheats

Most observers believe these suspensions are just the tip of the iceberg. PEDs make players stronger and help them recover from injury more quickly. The difference between a juiced-up player and one who plays by the rules can be significant. And when you're talking about tens of millions of dollars in contracts that are at stake, a few more home runs and runs batted in over the course of the season makes a big difference. It may even determine whether a player has a job in the major leagues or not, hence the minor league prospects who were caught up in the Biogenesis scandal.

But Major League Baseball finally appears to be getting serious about reining in the cheats. More frequent testing and, more importantly, having the players' union now fully behind the effort to weed out juiced-up players might begin to make a dent in the problem.

Two of the greatest players of the last 40 years -- Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez -- have now been shown to be cheaters. And the list of infamy lengthens when you include perhaps the greatest pitcher of the last 40 years, Roger Clemens; the most prolific home run hitters in Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Jose Canseco; and dozens of lesser players who sought that elusive edge that allowed them to gain an advantage over others who played by the rules.

A sad day for baseball fans.