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Israel: Leper or Light Unto the Nations? Part 1: The Whole World Against Us


As for Europe, Inbar allows that it is “an entirely different matter.” Its pacifism, anti-Americanism, and “latent, traditional anti-Semitism that singles out the Jews as responsible for the problems of the world” all dispose it against Israel. Indeed, “a large portion of the European intelligentsia is anti-Israeli and even denies Israel’s right to exist.”

Yet, at the same time, Israel’s relations with all three of Europe’s power centers—France, Italy, and Germany—are flourishing. And “in 2011, the EU was Israel’s largest trading partner with annual trade amounting to 29.4 billion euros—an increase of 45 percent from 2009; and this came in the midst of an unprecedented financial crisis in Europe.”

Along with the post-Cold War hegemony of Israel’s ally, the U.S., Inbar attributes the change to the fact that Israel has more and more to offer—in intelligence, counterterrorism, military equipment, high-tech, agriculture, medicine. “All of these accomplishments have created international admiration and keen interest in bilateral exchanges and trade relations.”

Or, one might say that the nations of the world find themselves blessed by Israel’s cutting-edge prowess, inventions, and innovations.