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4 Dumb TV Cliches I Hope Orange Is the New Black Avoids

r-ORANGE-IS-THE-NEW-BLACK-large570 Please, let them NOT be a future couple...

1. Following Stereotypes

I am really hoping that Piper doesn’t go back to being a lesbian in prison. She can get out and do whatever she wants — even break off the engagement with Larry, marry her ex-girlfriend, I don’t care — but please, please don’t let her become part of the “prison-is-full-of-lesbians” stereotype.  This is so cliché — and it’s predictable. House of Cards is great because it is unpredictable — you were never sure where the story was going.  If Orange starts to follow the stereotypical twists and turns of other sitcoms and becomes one of those shows whose entire storyline can be guessed by episode four, I will be disappointed.  My life will have been wasted.

2. One-storyline Plot

Following point number one, I hope Piper’s actions in prison don’t somehow mess up her relationship with her fiancé, Larry. We need Larry to be part of the storyline on the outside of Piper’s prison world; otherwise there isn’t much variety going on episode-to-episode to stay interesting.  Losing Larry would be a bummer — his own struggles outside of the prison walls could be an interesting story all their own.  If we lose Jason Biggs’ character, we might be doomed to “storyline exhaustion,” thanks to Piper’s stupid actions that guarantee her the sole spotlight.