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Would You Strangle a Cop for Giving Your Wife a Ticket?

eurabia_map Eurabia....

In this, Valls echoes hundreds of European (and American) officials before him, who were certain that improving the financial condition of Muslims could end jihad violence. Although billions of dollars have been devoted to this in innumerable ways around the world, it has never proven true. What Valls and others like him appear to be determined not to grasp is that the Muslims behaving violently in non-Muslim countries generally find justification for their actions not in poverty and joblessness, but in Qur’an and Sunnah, and in the dynamic of Islamic honor.

However, the imperatives to violence against unbelievers contained in Islamic texts and teachings can never ultimately be bought off. Muslims in France whose first allegiance is to Islam will not stop thinking themselves dishonored by the enforcement of French laws that contradict Islamic law, even if they have good jobs and face no societal discrimination. But clearly the French regime has no grasp of this, and no interest in grasping it. And so one thing can be said with absolute certainty about these present riots: they are not the first Muslim riots in France, and they will by no means be the last.


images courtesy shutterstock / kbrowne41 / ilolab