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Would You Strangle a Cop for Giving Your Wife a Ticket?


Clearly, then, the riots demonstrate that at least some Muslims in France do not identify as French at all, or as members of French society and culture, and that those who may identify as French appear unwilling or unable to stop violence by those who do not. The rioters are not concerned about the cohesion and survival of France. They’re interested solely in the cohesion and survival of the Muslim community in France. In line with this, Patai also states that “what pressures the Arab to behave in an honorable manner is not guilt but shame, or, more precisely, the psychological drive to escape or prevent negative judgment by others.” The negative judgment this husband was escaping by attacking the policeman was clearly not that of the French authorities, but of his fellow Muslims.

These latest riots therefore illustrate what has actually been obvious for years except to the French government, media and intelligentsia: that a significant number of Muslims in France have no interest whatsoever in assimilating and adopting French values. The rioters oppose the law banning face veils because it stands in opposition to Islamic law, which is the only law they respect.

In response to the riots, French Interior Minister Manuel Valls has stood firm that there should not be a separate law for the Muslims in France: “There is no valid reason,” he said, “for the violence seen in Trappes. The law should be applied, and applies to everyone.”

However, he also lamented the “difficulty our fellow citizens have living in these working class neighborhoods, especially young people. What they need is jobs, hope, training.”