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Answering Objections to Homeschooling Teens

First Day of School - EVER! First day of school - EVER!

2. I can't imagine his first intense classroom setting being a college lecture. Talk about intimidating.

I must admit that I don’t know a single homeschooling parent or student who really worries about this one. One thing about homeschooling is that the children tend to spend time with people of all ages rather than in age-segregated classrooms. By the time they graduate from homeschool high school, most have spent a great deal of time in adult settings, where they learned to interact with the community in the “real world.” Most have attended classes of some sort (Sunday school, co-op classes, etc.) and understand the protocol for classroom behavior. Really, it does not take 13 years of training to learn how to sit at a desk, raise your hand, and answer questions when called upon. The majority of home-schooled students are bright, articulate, and confident and have no trouble adjusting to a classroom setting.