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How Fingerprint Technology Solves Election Day Multiple Voting Fraud


Yes, Rachel, we should suppress the votes of the dead.  Yes, Al, we must suppress the second, third and fourth time people vote.  (And yes, Eric, when someone shows up to vote in your name, the clerk should be able to confirm their identity.)

And the answer is as simple as the solution in Iraq, just more high-tech.

One thumb, one vote.

We recently wrote an article for PJ Media, "Thumbs Up for a Tech Solution to EBT Fraud," that explained a concept of how fingerprint technology should be used to reduce or eliminate EBT fraud.

Among the responses (that didn’t call us Big Brother or racists) was one from a company that already make this technology. There are several companies that make that type of credit card today (at about 1% of the cost we proposed).  We also uncovered there are a host of other ways in which companies are solving these types of issues in Europe.  Interestingly, some of these companies are based here in the United States.

Why would a U.S. anti-fraud company only market their product in Europe?  Why is this not already being used to combat fraud in welfare programs?  Could it be lack of political will to solve the problem?

What about stopping people from voting multiple times on election day by using a thumbprint scanner?

How, you ask, can that be done without violating the civil rights of voters?