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What If All the Homeschoolers Suddenly Enrolled in Public School?

One school board member in Ohio fears that homeschooling could lead to Jim Crow-style economically segregated education:

“She said she saw grave inequality based on race in public schools in the southern U.S. in the 1970s under the 'separate but equal' motto. In 10 years, public education quality would be divided along economic, not racial, lines in the entire country 'if somebody doesn't stand up and voice their concerns.'”

Freddie DeBoer, in an anti-school voucher rant at Alternet, fears that the school choice movement is a vast right-wing conspiracy to “undermine all governmental and public structures.”

“Public education is a straightforwardly redistributive program; it’s a massive government venture; and it has been, recent concern trolling to the contrary, one of the most successful human endeavors of the last several hundred years. The rise of universal public education for all, though still not fully realized, represents one of the greatest improvements in human welfare in history. It’s no wonder that this is threatening to conservatives, particularly because teachers are heavily unionized and reliably Democratic.”

Alright, then. DeBoer is on to us. Many of us believe that “massive government ventures” and children are not natural allies. And the progressive promises of “improvements in human welfare” by “heavily unionized and reliably Democratic teachers” send a chill up our spine, so we have decided to opt out.