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5 Reasons Why Trim Healthy Mama Could Be the Last Diet Book You Ever Buy

1) A Diet for the entire family.

It's hard to try to maintain (or achieve) a healthy weight while caring for a family. Finicky children, picky husbands and tight budgets can be the detriment to any woman's attempt at dieting-- let alone eating healthy.

"We live this life. We are busy moms with lots of children... We know your challenges because we face them daily. Yet, we embrace a way of eating that is male friendly. Steaks and chicken wings-- bring them on!

The authors explain in great detail how to use a low-glycemic diet by learning how to be more carbohydrate conscious. In addition, the use of food grouping creates weight loss, or maintaining. By learning what food combinations make you store fat, you simply stop combining them rather than eliminating good foods completely.

2) Focus on health not calories.

This is not a calorie counting plan. The focus is on whole foods and super foods in the right combination. When the right foods are eaten you feel satisfied and energized.

3) Celebrates biblical dietary blessings and heeds the restrictions.

Since the dawning of Christianity, there's been the issue of "clean" and "unclean" foods. Most Christians will say we are free from the Jewish dietary laws and restrictions. Which we are. However, God had a lot to say about food in the bible.

While it's safe to say that Christians are not bound to dietary law, it's also foolish for us to ignore what God chose to feed his people, and warned them to avoid.

We serve a loving God that created us to eat, and an abundant bounty of rich food and herbs for us to enjoy. He created it to have communion and fellowship with one another, to give us long life and strength. Don't you think we should consider what and how we should eat by His word?

Serene and Pearl do an excellent job of examining the current trends of dieting in the light of scripture. Their plan focuses on the dietary "dos" rather than the "don'ts".

4) Allows you to enjoy your meals while you lose weight. 

"We are created to eat! The eating experience is as much a part of living as breathing. The natural cycle is to eat, become satisfied, take a break-- then eat to get satisfied  again. There's no getting past it. We are wired to get satisfied from food..."

The word dieting usually translates to depravation. In THM, the meals or food groups are divided into two categories Satisfying and Energizing. The idea is to only use one source of fuel for your body at a time. By choosing to eat either a satisfying meal or an energizing meal you will lose weight, when combined you will maintain or gain weight.

5) The recipes.

THM holds over 250 recipes like Skinny Chocolate, Fat Stripping Frappe and Tummy Tucking Ice Cream. I can personally attest that each one of these recipes alone are worth the price of the book.

Don't worry about trying to get your husband or kids on board with this. Just start surprising them with these fabulous recipes-- they'll thank you for it.

Buy it here: Trim Healthy Mama

Find Serene and Pearl on FaceBook and their website