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Pork No, Killing Infidels Sí


Coffey’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for Tuesday. The most interesting aspect of his case, however, will not be discussed there, or at any subsequent legal proceeding involving him: the intersection between his Islamic piety and violence. Once again we see a Muslim link the two, which is something that we are constantly told is done only by “Islamophobes.” Coffey was enraged that his mother would dare to serve him a meal that violated the tenets of his Islamic religion; he did not, however, appear to think that threatening to kill her and Mark Blair because of this infraction was inconsistent with his Islamic observance in the way that eating the pork would have been.

This is the element of Islamic jihad terrorism that so many find difficult to understand. American civil religion assumes that any and all religions are benign and beneficial, teaching the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man, as well as universal charity and benevolence. The concept of a religion, particularly an established, venerable, and global one, that teaches that one should be “merciful” to fellow believers but “harsh” to those who do not believe (Qur’an 48:29), and that violating food laws is beyond the pale but threatening to kill an infidel – even if that infidel’s is the believer’s own mother -- for causing one to violate those food laws is not, is inconceivable to most people.