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5 Sure Signs Brad Pitt Is in Paycheck Mode

2) The Cast Is Full of Nobodies.

Mireille Enos? James Badge Dale? Daniella Kertesz? Fana Mokoena? Who are these people? Looks like there wasn’t much money left in the salary jar to hire anyone good after Brad took his cut. Or maybe every supporting actor who got a look at the script decided to pass because there wasn’t much for them to do. Which brings up....

3) It’s All About Brad.

In Pitt’s quality movies, he’s shown a lot of generosity in sharing the screen, allowing other characters to make an impact. Jesse James was an ensemble piece, Moneyball gave almost equal time to the Jonah Hill character and he was a relatively small element of the epics The Tree of Life and Inglourious Basterds. Even in his interesting failures, like Killing Them Softly, which featured Ray Liotta and the late James Gandolfini, Pitt has been willing to share the spotlight. Not in World War Z, in which all other characters essentially spend their time watching Brad be awesome. The film is as much a showcase for Brad as the similarly forgettable, lowest-common-denominator efforts Meet Joe Black and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.