Bad Advice for 5 Game of Thrones Characters

Tyrion is a strategic genius, on the battlefield and in the account books. He can defend a city and then help rebuild it and get its budget back on track. He'd be a great president, combining strong skills in both domestic policy and national security. But he's the continual underdog. What's holding him back? His fear of his father. Fear, and a desperate need for approval that he tries very hard to hide behind his bluster and his superficially rebellious behavior (the drinking, the whoring). At the end of the day, though, he won't do the one thing that really would rebel against his domineering, unloving father: go forth and live his own life without seeking his father's approval.


Respect for your parents, their guidance, and their wishes is an important part of childhood that should last (in an edited form) through your entire life. But in adulthood it's rivaled, and eventually superseded, by mutual respect and independent decision-making. So yes, seeking the love and approval of your parents is good. But so is recognizing your own goals and desires and being assertive about working toward them responsibly, despite whatever your parents might think.

Arya Stark: Believe in the power of therapy.

Really. This girl needs to talk it out.


Ser Jorah Mormont: This is going to sound like bad advice, but you're not going to get your dream girl -- it's time to move on.