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4 Childhood Activities You Should Never Give Up

2. Hide and Go Seek

You can play this creatively as a grown-up. Meeting a friend at a store or museum? Play a game of finding each other. Send each other clues via picture messages. Start a game with a group of friends -- make it a date, in a local park.

It's creative, playful, and relatively non-competitive. Playing hide and go seek might not just provide a little exercise -- it could also sharpen your imagination as you seek more interesting and inventive places to hide. And it'll certainly give you and your friends something to talk about later, besides their least favorite coworkers or how expensive gas is.

Just don't take it to Portlandia levels, okay?

3. Arts and Crafts Projects

You can buy pretty much any physical item you want or need, but having a creative hobby is a fun outlet. Knitting, or refurbishing furniture, or drawing, or whatever strikes your fancy -- when you're a kid, you don't feel like you have to be "good at it" to justify spending your time on art or craft projects. Don't put off drawing or another artistic outlet because you feel like, as an adult, it's only worthwhile spending your time on those pursuits if you're very, very good at them and can somehow win accolades or put them on display or turn it into a career. You're not being graded, and no one even has to see your creations if you don't want them to. So don't be that person with a dusty art kit in the corner who says, "I used to draw all the time in high school -- I wish I did now."