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5 Signs We Haven't Lost America Yet


1. We Are Raising Constitutionally Literate Kids

I don’t ever remember reading the Constitution growing up — or even anyone talking about it. I imagine we must have perused it at some point during a “social studies” class, but we certainly never studied it in any detail. Thanks in large part to the Tea Party, now the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers are again household names. Millions of Americans are raising their kids with a deep understanding of our founding documents and a respect for them that will certainly translate into public policy eventually.

And we are just now beginning to see the maturation of the first wave of an explosion in homeschooling that began in the early 1990s. Studies show that homeschool graduates are far more likely than their public school peers to vote, work for or contribute to a campaign, attend a protest, and contact a public official about a policy issue. They also tend to adopt their parents' beliefs, which tend to be very conservative politically.

Is it possible that a young conservative resurgence is bubbling right below the surface? I think it’s very possible!