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The 4 Most Annoying Things D.C. Drivers Encounter on the Road


2. Rogue Taxis

In most cities, the taxis are the "craziest" drivers--weaving, speeding, running reds, and almost whacking pedestrians as they shuttle people through back-roads to their destinations. However, in fast-paced D.C., taxis seem to be both the slowest cars and most confused drivers on the road. They tend to make their own lanes, or sit in two at the same time, and usually block traffic by going 10 miles under the speed limit. Most taxi drivers I've encountered have a very basic understanding of D.C. streets and usually end up getting lost. I've also had a few drive the WRONG way down one-ways...

3. Bikes with Identity Crises

Are you a bike or are you a pedestrian? Bikes in D.C. can't seem to make up their mind -- or maybe they like causing mass confusion when they enter intersections against the light... or disobey traffic laws... or swerve into cars... or listen to their iPods at full blast and ignore everything around them. NEWSFLASH: just because you are on a bike does not mean you are above the law. Drivers shouldn't have to try to conduct a full behavioral analysis in five seconds when encountered with bikers -- it's dangerous. My usual maneuver is to give them as much room as possible... aka enough to make a B-52 bomber feel comfortable.