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3 Steps to Rediscover the Lost Art of Mothering

2. Grasp the Brevity of Childhood.

You are the center of his world -- and time seems frozen in dirty socks.

The endless chores that accompany motherhood, compounded by the busyness of childhood, obstruct our view of the time we have together.  The brevity of childhood is hard to imagine when you are in your twenties. After all -- your child's adulthood is a lifetime away.

A friend relayed a profound thought her pastor once passed along at a baby christening. As the new parents began to walk away, he admonished them:

 "You only have 18 summers" he warned, "now go and make the most of them."

Only 18 summers?

Actually, I think there's a dash of wishful thinking there. It's more like 16 summers. Those last two or three usually get stolen by summer jobs, girlfriends or boyfriends. They are too busy testing their wings to notice mom, let alone spend much time at home. When you understand the brevity of childhood, it's easier to "make the most of them."

In order to become ever mindful of how fast childhood disappears, I want to invite you to play a game with me. I call it my "Three to Five Year Game." I played it often when my children were growing up. Let me pass it on to you.

Ready? Okay, let's play.

How old will your children be in three years? Now try five. It's a sobering thought of reality. Especially when you think of just how fast the last three years of your own life sped by.