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The Holocaust Denier Who Infiltrated Hollywood Conservatism

I don't think I ever met this fellow Cole or Stein or whoever he is but he invited me to his events a couple of times. I always weaseled out of them. He'd tell me there'd be "plenty of booze and loud rock 'n roll music," and I'd think, "Well, I already have enough booze...  and man, I hate that music!" I never had any reason to doubt who he was though, and I surely would have attended something he organized if he'd been playing Sinatra. So what?

The left is always going to accuse us of racism and various other forms of bigotry. They have to. It's all they've got. We don't have to fear that and we shouldn't throw conservatives under the bus when they make a remark that's ill thought out or misconstrued. But true bigotry — and that's all Holocaust denial is; bigotry — true bigotry is poison and needs to be kept out of the movement. It's an offense to truth, an offense to decency and an offense to the God in whose image we're made.

Cole says of the right wingers who are now deserting him: "I don't blame them for jettisoning me. Everyone is scared to death. They don't want this to range beyond Facebook." And he adds: "I don't expect many people at my birthday party this year."

Too right.

[Update. Eric Golub, of Republican Party Animals, the group Stein/Cole claimed to head, feels Cole/Stein used the Guardian to tell a slanted version of his exposure. Here's Golub's version — which, under the circumstances, we can assume is more trustworthy! Golub is the son of a Holocaust survivor, btw.]

[Postscript: Roger L. Simon just called to tell me he had looked Stein/Cole up on IMDB - under David Abravenel Stein. He has a nice list of credits on documentaries about the Holocaust — and none of them seems to be real! When you follow the links they go nowhere. There's no other record of them. So I guess when they call this guy a Hollywood conservative, the emphasis should be on the "con."]


Cross-posted from Klavan on the Culture