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How Mothers from Hell Raise Their Boys to Do Evil

In fact, Mariam Farhat encouraged her other sons to follow in Muhammad’s footsteps and become Islamic martyrs themselves by killing Israelis and getting killed in the process:

After the martyrdom [operation], my heart was peaceful about Muhammad. I encouraged all my sons to die a martyr’s death, and I wish this even for myself. After all this, I prepared myself to receive the body of my son, the pure shahid, in order to look upon him one last time and accept the well-wishers who [came] to us in large numbers and participated in our joy over Muhammad’s martyrdom.

This monstrous woman, who gloried in blood and murder, should have been shunned by every decent person around her. But apparently there were no such people. She was not only not shunned; she was elected to parliament and celebrated as a heroine. When she died, 4,000 people attended her funeral, including the Hamas prime minister.

Her grandchildren recently appeared on Hamas’s Al-Aqsa TV. During the show, a child presenter declared:

She raised her children from an early age on love of martyrdom for the sake of Allah, as well as on love of the homeland and its defense. We should learn from them. We should wage Jihad and persevere, in order to liberate this land. When one of us is martyred, we say that his life is precious, yet it is a cheap price to pay for the liberation and defense of the homeland.

“She raised her children from an early age on love of martyrdom for the sake of Allah” – in other words, on love of death and murder. With mothers like Zubeidat Tsarnaeva and Umm Nidal raising their children in such a way, there will never be peace.