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Bitter Clingers Have Taken Over Your Television, or How America Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Duck

Another beautiful thing about Duck Dynasty is that it never, ever mentions politics. I remember when that was the norm in America.  I have no idea if the Robertsons are card-carrying members of the Tea Party, the Coffee Party (remember them?), or Obama’s perpetual campaign arm, Organizing for Action.  I don’t care.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the crazy old uncle, Silas Robertson, is a Tea Partier, as he reportedly consumes nearly two gallons of this Southern staple every day from an ever-present jug.

If Duck Dynasty staked out a political position on either side of dead center, it wouldn’t enjoy anything like its current ratings success. Evidently West Monroe, Louisiana, is the place where viewers of Fox and CNN can actually meet in the middle.

Another redeeming value of the show is that the Robertsons are truly tolerant. They might not understand you or agree with your fashion, sexual, or political choices, but they’ll make you feel welcome, work to find common ground, and save most of the beard scratching for later.