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Jobs Are for Suckers: How to Be the Boss of You

I thought back to my early twenties, when I was starting out as a writer.

Multiply $84,000 times three and you get just over a quarter of a million dollars.

Given the 17% interest rates of the 1980s, I could have stuck that amount in a 5-year term deposit and lived off the interest, by which time I'd have been well established in my career anyhow, thanks to diligent freelancing and whatnot.

What are kids these days thinking?

Look: if you absolutely positively need a degree -- to do all those doctorin' jobs and lawyerin' jobs -- I get it.

(Well, not the "lawyerin' jobs" so much. We've had too many lawyers for a very long time.)

But as I've been saying long before the phrase "college bubble" was coined:

If you're a budding entrepreneur, college is a waste of time and money, because unless you want a "straight" job, you don't need a B.A.

And I question that "need." It's just lazy H.R. nonsense.

As it occurs to society at large that most bachelor's degrees are useless, very slowly this asinine requirement will be phased out.