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The 13 Weeks Radical Reading Regimen

Mondays: Read Biographies and Memoirs of Extraordinary Individuals

First 13 Week Focus: Walt Disney

Back in October, I opened up my Counterculture Conservative book list with a section devoted to memoirs of interesting, inspiring people. I've decided to expand this section to also include biographies, a book genre that I'll want to explore writing someday. To begin to understand the difference between good and bad biographical writing I've decided to research the life, art, and ideas of Walt Disney, making a point to compare and contrast each biography of him I can find. When I began exploring this task a few weeks ago I checked out several Disney biographies from the library in case Leonard Mosley's Disney's World (which I owned -- a nice Half Price Books find from the dollar shelf) proved a let-down. It has not -- I've really enjoyed it and am 117 pages in, about to start chapter 10, which starts in 1928. When I'm finished with it then I'll move on to a book more hostile to Disney, Richard Schickel's The Disney Version: The Life, Times, Art, and Commerce of Walt DisneyAnd I should probably check out more supplemental Disney history books from the library. Any suggestions?

Teaming with me in researching Disney and blogging about books on him is my friend Chris Queen. Check out his article on Jim Korkis’s new book Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South? And Other Forbidden Disney Stories and please let me know what kinds of articles about Disney you're interested in seeing him write at PJ Lifestyle.