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The 5 Best Security and Privacy Tools for Your Mac

Companies track you every time you visit a website.

The company Abine provides programs that will help increase your privacy when you're surfing, no matter what browser you use.

I use DoNotTrackMe, a free browser add on that "blocks the tracking capabilities of advertisers, social networks, and data-collection companies."

DoNotTrackMe is completely unobtrusive. Just set it and forget it.

I use another Abine offering called MaskMe to generate fake email addresses when I want to sign up for a new website or newsletter.

All the confirmation messages and newsletters will still be delivered to your real email address as usual; it's just that the company won't get hold of your precious legitimate address and possibly sell it to who knows who.

MaskMe also lets you generate secure, encrypted passwords.

(I already use and love 1Password so I don't use that feature of MaskMe.)

For $5 a month extra, MaskMe will even issue fake phone numbers for you as well, to help cut down on those annoying telemarketers.

And the free "sync" feature means that you can access your MaskMe accounts no matter what device you're using.