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The Paradoxical Marxist Response to Margaret Thatcher's Death

From Richard Metzger, publisher and lead blogger at Dangerous Minds: 

I've written in the past about the big impact Metzger had in introducing me to counterculture and my disappointment following his embrace of Orthodox Marxism in 2009 -- the same year that I started working full time as a conservative new-media troublemaker in the Breitbart tradition. I'm not offended by Metzger's poor taste, rather just at how predictable and nonsensical it is. Two observations of the paradoxes inherent in the strange tradition that has emerged of using social media to emotionally unload on recently deceased public figures:

1. It's sort of strange the way that atheist Marxists are so happy to declare belief in an afterlife childish except when they feel a need for a hell to stick in everyone they hate.

2. It's even stranger the way people who normally roll around in moral relativism all of a sudden gain the confidence to label the most effective opponents of Communism as not just evil, but "pure evil."

Updated: Via Ann Althouse, George Galloway's response: "Tramp the dirt down."