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The Top 5 Misconceptions About Objectivists

5. Objectivists Are Intellectual Elitists Who Think They Are Totally Right About Everything.

Um, well, this one is true. I have always been troubled by this accusation. If you don’t think you are right, then I guess you think you are wrong, or you are not sure about your ideas. Is that supposed to be a good thing? What is so bad about thinking you are right? It’s only bad if you have rested your opinions on ignorance, like most teenagers or Slate.com writers.

"I know it's true because I saw it in an Al Gore movie!"

"Ignorant" is listed as an antonym in the thesaurus under "Objectivist." Objectivists are probably the most well-read people you can find. And I don’t mean they’ve read Glenn Beck's or Ann Coulter’s latest tome, although they probably have. I mean they have likely read EVERY piece of worthy classic literature, stacks and stacks of books about history and philosophy, volumes of trade books from their respective professions, and of course scads of essays and other short analyses. Objectivists are READERS! The number-one topic of conversation among us when we meet in person is book recommendations; number two is Star Trek.

Many Objectivists have studied works and thinkers from the entire history of human thought in depth and can compare and contrast the ideas of Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau, Kant, Marx, Rand, and many others. How many of you can do that with your own philosophy? How many of you can even explain your own philosophy top to bottom? We have worked hard to explicitly identify our own philosophy and we’re proud of it. We think we are right and we’ve earned that. Good for us!

If you are walking around thinking you are wrong, then shame on you and go crack some books, preferably Ayn Rand books, because the greatest thing that Ayn Rand gave me, that Objectivism gave me, was total certainty that I am right about all the things that really matter – and the ability to prove it!