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Doomsday Preppers Week 16: Shooters Vs. Runners

Nat Geo is wildly obsessed with the food the family may need to eat in Costa Rica, and puts on a display of exotic insect cuisine ranging from mealworms, to crickets, to scorpions.

Frankly, it's absurd.

Costa Rican cuisine is built on a foundation of rice and black beans, fresh vegetables and fruits, and, of course, various meats of two-legged and four-legged origin. Frankly, there isn't a huge difference from other Latin American dishes. The family would have been better prepared for their dietary transition if they simply went to Mexican restaurants. The display of insect foods is nothing more than survivor porn.

Likewise, slaughtering a turkey in front of their children seemed a very unnecessary moment created for the camera, simply to capture the revulsion of the children. I found it rather shameful. Costa Rica's central markets are in every town. They don't have Walmart, but they aren't out capturing and slaughtering their own foods. It's not our kind of civilization, but it is civilization, and to treat the family like they're "going native" under a triple-canopy jungle is duplicitous.

The experts from Practical Preppers give the Barbers nine months of survival time. They could have accomplished the same without dislocating their kids and themselves from family, friends, and their nation. If the Barbers wanted to leave the United States, they are perfectly within their rights to do so, and Costa Rica looks like a great place. Calling their relocation "prepping," however, is pushing the definition of the term, and I don't see where they've done any actual prepping in Costa Rica at all.

If anything, the Barbers remind me of people from "blue" states that have screwed up the places where they've lived through bad decision-making, and instead of fixing what they've messed up, they've run to "red" states without changing. They're runners, not preppers, and they're seeking the easy way out.