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Doomsday Preppers Weeks 14 & 15: Oops, My Bad

Freda is a descendant of the Hatfields, specifically Devil Anse Hatfield, the leader of the clan during America's most infamous feud. She lives in a homestead in the backwoods of western Virginia, where she prepares for a nuclear weapon to bring an EMP attack. Well, the show says "backwoods,"  but the constant sound and occasional view of traffic in the background suggest they're actually on a moderately busy two-lane road.

I'm impressed with the mechanical ingenuity of Freda's boyfriend Mike, if not his intelligence or practicality. There is a reason catapults and throwing stars are obsolete, and if there is an EMP, building a waterwheel to charge batteries is a pointless exercise when the electronic devices and appliances themselves are fried beyond repair.

They have good food stores, but when it came time to rank their water supply, I'm not sure what the experts at Practical Preppers saw that didn't make the show. Freda has a mountain stream, drilled well, and artesian well on her property, and still got one of the lowest water scores I've ever seen. One might deduce they lack any way of purifying the water, but the show simply fails to explain why. Armed with a single shotgun, pistol, and a compound bow (in addition to Mike's homemade weapons and their not-so-backwoods and relatively undefended location), they got a low security score as well. They are given just seven months of survival time.

It looks like the McCoys have a better chance this time around.