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Admiring Ann: 5 Coulterisms for Counterculture Conservatives

Coulterism #4: DO YOUR RESEARCH

From her CSPAN Interview on SLANDER, July 2002.

Like any good lawyer, Ann Coulter reeks of confidence hard-earned by many long hours of copious research. Instead of taking someone's word for it, Coulter trudges out primary-source material from the depths of LexisNexis archives at the click of a button. Ironically, it seems that liberal professors aren't as good at teaching research techniques as they are at spoon-feeding their political agenda through their syllabi. As recent research indicates, going to college not only makes you liberal -- it makes you dumb.

Have you met Whittaker Chambers? Through Slander Ann introduced me to the communist-turned-government-informant -- the dirty little secret disproving liberals’ long-held belief that the Red Scare was Eisenhower’s trumped-up tactic for winning a second term. The reality of the communist infiltration of the American government is only one of the many truths liberals have re-written (or totally ignored) in academia and the mainstream media. In fact, thanks to an exponential growth in left-leaning staff in both academia and the MSM over the last half of the 20th century, the ideology that justified this willful ignorance has promulgated a bias toward lying (commonly referred to as “political correctness”) in nearly every sphere of daily life. It shouldn't come as any surprise, then, that college students today have lifted phrases like "Well, you know..." or "I don't know, you know?" to a conversational art form. Blend a constant stream of lies with a postmodern "anything goes and nothing matters" philosophy and you have a stoner's dream... or a logical thinker's nightmare.