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Admiring Ann: 5 Coulterisms for Counterculture Conservatives


My love affair with Ann Coulter was sparked by her quick-witted sense of humor. Oddly enough, her sarcastic jabs often get her into more trouble than her actual argumentation. This is most likely due to the reality that well-researched and documented facts are fairly difficult to dismiss. Coulter’s deft one-liners delivered in rapid response are her true claim to fame and the main reason liberals love to hate her. This is ironically funny considering that many liberals feel free to sling around non-PC stereotypes and trash-talk for laughs, political points, and, most importantly, ratings.

Ann’s counterculture spirit drew me into her work. Despite what pseudo-yippies stereotype as "counterculture," Ann's love of the Grateful Dead, her quiet yet powerful faith that transcends the typical church-state cultural divide ("I don’t really care what people say about me, I’m a Christian so there’s nothing anyone can ever do to me..."), and her role as the honorary chair of the GOProud advisory council make Coulter more of a stereotype-breaker than Gen X & Y's typical hippie-wannabes. Unlike most "rule-breaking," self-loathing comedians whose mockery is a thinly veiled plea for acceptance, Coulter’s comedy stems from her embrace of the fact that the “reality” liberals claim to be the truth is a big, fat lie. There is no better way to respond to a liar who swears they're telling the truth than by simply laughing in their face.