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7 Movies That Show You The Masculine Ideal

4) Braveheart

This one starts out with a common theme in action movies, "a revenge-based love story." In these cases, the man's love interest usually dies, he goes on a killing spree in revenge, and, ideally, reluctantly has sex with other hot women to soothe the pain. Ultimately what makes this such a great movie isn't so much that Wallace gets revenge on his enemies, is a skilled fighter, or is an inspirational leader of men -- although all those things help -- it is that he ends up fighting for a worthy principle bigger than himself. He doesn't become an outlaw to get rich or risk his life to impress women; he ultimately lives, fights, and dies to bring freedom to his people. That desire to be an important part of something bigger than yourself lies somewhere in the heart of every man, even if he's been so beaten down by life that it seems dormant.