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7 Movies That Show You The Masculine Ideal

2) Spider-Man

Most men wouldn't have Spider-Man on this list, but it's a unique movie in some ways. Here you have an ordinary guy who gains great power and learns the hard way that "with great power, comes great responsibility." Peter Parker is a good, decent man who cracks jokes while he risks his life to help people who will never know his name. In the interim, he pines to get the girl, struggles to make ends meet, and worries about his family. In other words, Peter Parker is the ordinary man who is a superhero in his spare time, as compared to someone like Superman, who's more a superhero whose ordinary existence is just a cover for being Superman. Additionally, Peter Parker cuts to the core of what life should be for men: doing what you can to help people and reach your full potential, while still trying to keep from drowning in the flood of day-to-day worries that are always coming at you.