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How To Boost Your Blog By Going 'Under the Hood'


I’ve written before about the importance of securing your domain name early.

Domain names can be purchased fairly cheaply, at least at first if you’re using a coupon code (and you should – companies like Register.com and DreamHost always have discount campaigns going on. Check for them at RetailMeNot or any number of coupon sites.)

However, it’s also important to self-host your blog.

That means moving it from a free platform like Blogger or WordPress.com and onto your own dedicated server.

Don’t worry: that doesn’t mean you have to find room in your home for some giant piece of computer equipment, although some bloggers do that.

Instead, I have a dedicated server over at DreamHost.com.

Why? Because I know “controversial” bloggers whose blogs have disappeared without warning and without backup, because one individual complained to Blogger or WordPress that they were posting “offensive” content.

If you rely on these  free blogging platform, you’re just renting their equipment at their pleasure.

However, if your site is hosted on a dedicated server, no one can kick you offline.