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When Teachers Act Like Thugs 'for the Children!'

To emphasize the point that this strike was "for the children," the Strongsville Education Association (SEA) posted pictures of the “SCABS” on their Facebook page with the title “Wall of Shame” and the caption “Here’s a visual of who the Board is hiring as replacements (SCABS) to educate OUR children!” Media Trackers Ohio captured screenshots of the pictures ; the caption “And the hiring of ‘teachers’ begins. ... Looks HIGH-LY Qualified, but is he?” was next to one picture of a black substitute teacher.

One parent wrote: “Very scary. ... I wouldn’t expose my children to this.”

A teacher wrote: "As a Cleveland teacher and a Strongsville resident you have my support 100%, however, I do think some of the captions under the pictures are inappropriate. I realize they are SCABS, but personally poking fun at them to a degree is bullying and we don’t want our kids to see our teachers doing that.”

Another comment: “I am a Strongsville resident and a Cleveland teacher and I fully support you but please review some of these captions, they could easily be viewed as racist and discriminatory and don’t paint the SEA in a good light.”

Eventually the SEA relented and removed the album.

Some teachers tried to frighten their students with the "Wall of Shame" pictures and captions. One mother told WTAM Radio that her daughter "was sent those pictures from her teacher to tell them ‘This was who was going to be teaching.'"