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5 Controversial Ways to Enjoy the Decline of America

#3 -- Don’t earn more than $15,000 a year

I grew up poor and now I have money. Having money is better.

I also dated a guy like Clarey once: a brilliant, handsome, thoughtful thirty-something man who still had roommates, shopped at thrift stores, drove a motorcycle instead of a car, and so on.

His goal was to live on very little because he valued his freedom from convention, bosses, and the taxman.

(Eventually I married a guy who made way more money and owned a car.)

When we think of “going Galt,” we think of it as something only rich men can afford to do.

Clarey cleverly turns that notion upside down, and posits the idea that you can actually go Galt faster the less money you have.

When you remove yourself from the tax rolls, you stop hosting society’s parasites – the tens of millions of citizens who suck on the government teat:

In making only $15,000 a year you are essentially shrinking yourself (the host) so much that the parasites cannot live off of you. (...) You will no longer get mad when you see another ringless mother buying diapers with an EBT card. (...) It’s no longer your money they are using to pay for it. It’s somebody else’s. You may still be unhappy about the general direction of the country, but at least you’re no longer a sucker who has to pay for it.

Clarey’s on to something.

It’s sad but true: I find myself trying to make less than a certain amount of money lest certain taxes kick in.

But Clarey’s number -- $15,000 – is way too low for me.

(I live in Canada, which is a comparative tax haven. Sorry, Land of the Free...)

Like much of Clarey’s advice, this minimalist plan can only work within a narrow framework of circumstances.

Good luck getting your mom back and forth from chemo on the back of your Harley. In December.