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5 Controversial Ways to Enjoy the Decline of America

#2 -- Don’t go to college

Clarey (and I) have written about this before.

Take all the money you were saving up for college and start your own business, as long as, Clarey writes, it isn't "something stupid like 'horse farms' or 'coffee shops' or other such profitless hobbies that only morons pursue."

Alternately, he advises, join the military or learn a trade:

Another benefit of the trades is that trade certification is a lot cheaper than earning a four year degree. Most trade programs are only two year, granting you an associate degree in that field, and nearly all of them offer better employment prospects than your average liberal arts degrees because they are a "skill." Additionally, because they are a "skill," you are immediately put to work. A friend of mine graduated with a degree in auto mechanics. His first job wasn't not filing or faxing or fetching coffee. He didn't have to "work his way up" to being a mechanic. And there was no ass-kissing or brown-nosing required to ingratiate himself to his bosses so they'd be kind enough to let him finally start wrenching on cars. His skill was too valuable and his employer needed him to do what he was trained to do -- work on cars.