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5 Things Planned Parenthood Doesn't Want You to Know About Pregnancy Resource Centers

1. Pregnancy Resource Centers Outnumber Abortion Clinics

Most reports estimate there are around 2500 pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) in the United States. But two networks alone — Care Net and Heartbeat International -- boast 2115 centers between them. A third network, Birthright International, lists six centers within 50 miles of my home in northeast Ohio. These networks don’t include independently operated centers, so the 2500 estimate is likely a low number.

Compare that to the number of abortion providers in the country. A website called AbortionDocs.org shows some startling statistsics. Though Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land and there have already been 200,000 abortions committed this year (see the live counter here), the number of abortion clinics pales in comparison to the number of pregnancy support centers. Currently, there are only 652 surgical abortion clinics in the country and an additional 178 centers that dispense abortion pills.

When abortion proponents charge that members of the pro-life movement don't care about women and their babies after they choose life, they're either lying or don't know what they're talking about. Pro-life individuals and organizations put their time (and money) where their mouth is, providing compassionate care for mothers and their babies both before and after the birth of their children in centers that far outnumber "reproductive health" outfits.

Make no mistake — abortion mills are still “winning” the numbers game by sheer force of their factory model, having convinced two generations of women that a baby is an inconvenient “choice” that can be eliminated with a vacuum hose or, now, a pill. But day by day, woman by woman, pregnancy centers running on shoestring budgets (often staffed by tireless volunteers) are saving the lives of babies and offering hope to women with unplanned pregnancies; and in the process, they are changing the culture.