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The Legacy Andrew Breitbart Left for The Next Generation

4. Focus on the Marxists…. And call them Marxists.

In Breitbart’s manifesto Righteous Indignation, the sixth chapter “Breakthrough” summarizes the modern progressive movement’s evolution from Rousseau through Marx to the Frankfurt School, Alinsky and our president. In understanding the roots of the political cult dominating the Democratic Party and occupying the White House, we can articulate the real threat. Not Democrats vs. Republicans, Left vs. Right, or Liberals vs. Conservatives.

Those who understand human nature vs the dreamers who do not.

See also Ann Coulter’s Demonic for her variation on this theme in the chapters juxtaposing the American and French Revolutions. Thomas Sowell’s A Conflict of Visions develops the analysis to book length. The same arguments that Tea Partiers have with the Occupiers today appeared centuries ago in the essays of rival Enlightenment thinkers.