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How Modern Life Transforms Men into Wussies

This same experience is repeated in a myriad of different ways in modern life.

To many men, examples of "manly" activities might include shooting a bow, repairing a car, skinning a fish, climbing a mountain, surviving alone in the woods, building a cabin from scratch, or hunting, killing, and skinning an animal. However, most men didn't take up these activities to be "manly"; they did them because they were necessities and those who were good at them thrived and were admired by other men. What are those same "manly" activities today? In large part, they've never been replaced.

So what do most men do today to express those manly impulses? Sure, there are a few firemen, police officers, soldiers, UFC fighters, etc. who still live that throwback masculine lifestyle, but they're little more than a tiny sliver of the population today. But what about the rest of the male population? Some of us take martial arts classes or go to the firing range, which is fine as far as it goes, but it's often like practicing for a game you'll never play. Chances are, you'll probably go your whole life without shooting anyone or having to defend yourself from a thug trying to beat you to death on the street. Lifting weights may make you bigger and stronger, but again, will we ever use it in a sport? No. So what's left? Hitting home runs in sports we'll never play and killing enemies we'll never fight in video games? For many men, that's it. They watch movies, they play video games, but they'll never fulfill the impulses that made those things attractive in the first place.

This is what we are today.