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Doomsday Preppers Week 13: Pain Is Good

Craig's bug-out consists of a four mile, cross-country hike through the woods at night to his escape vehicle, a purpose-built shallow-water jetboat that will take them the remaining 90 miles to their location. Jetboats such as Craig's can get up on a plane and run flat out in not just wide rivers, but narrow twisting creeks that can barely float a canoe. His bug-out location is up one of these twisting, turning rivers.

To make sure he isn't followed, Craig has set up trees as booby traps along the way to block the river after he's passed. He's cut the trees halfway through, and has a small explosive charge in the cut that he will shoot to detonate. Based upon the volume of explosives he's packed for a small blast, the explosive in question is almost certainly tannerite, a low-explosive compound that has more flash than boom, but hey... it makes good TV, even if just 15 seconds with a chain saw could accomplish just as much, far more quietly.

Craig and his family will live in a 20' Intershelter dome, a relatively lightweight , easy-to-construct shelter used from both polar regions to deserts, which can withstand high winds, extreme temperatures, water infiltration, and flames. The Intereshelter was created by Craig's prepping partner and businessman Don Kubley.