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5 Reasons Cats Are Inferior to Dogs in Every Way

Cats love blood

2) Your dog loves you. Your cat couldn't care less if you were murdered by clowns.

You don't have to guess whether a dog is happy to see you or not because every time you come home, he dances around the room, jumps in circles, wags his tail, and generally acts like you would if you won the lottery, gained super powers, and cured cancer all at the same time. Meanwhile, cats skulk around the house, hide from you, and like to sit out of reach, preferably somewhere in the kitchen where their fur can fall in your food. Ironically, the general indifference of cats is what makes them charming to some people. "Ooooh, I know I'm just about to win kitty over with this bowl of milk, his favorite toy, and a scratching post and....kitty, no, don't pee on that, kitty, no! Oooh, I have to try harder to get kitty to like me!"