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13 Weeks: Two Weeks in, I See Some Real Results


The last thing I wanted to talk about today is the tools I'm using to track my experiments. Right now, I'm primarily using an Excel spreadsheet, which you can download here. The spreadsheet has two data entry pages, for daily and weekly measurements, and several charts of results. It's kind of a work in progress, so feel free to let me know what else you might like to see.

The real useful tools here are, first of all, just the data. Keeping it filled in is some motivation in itself. More important than the data though, I think, are the cahrts. My weight has plateaued for more than a month, hanging right around 272 pounds most days. Without the chart, I wouldn't be able to notice that this plateau is, in fact, a slow decline, and that my lowest weight gets lower every time: I'm setting a new low every week or so. In other words, this isn't a plateau, it's a slower weight loss.

Another useful tool is a Seinfeld Calendar. Here's my calendar for doing daily exercise.

My 13 week "Seinfeld calendar" for exercise.

The concept's really simple: make a calendar and put an X in every day you do whatever you're tracking. As you see, I had a couple days break last weekend -- I was feeling kind of sick and weak and just didn't do the workout. But knowing I was accumulating blank days really got me motivated to get back on it.

Finally, what I know everyone is waiting for: the before and after pictures.

Me at the start of the first 13 weeks

Me after 13 weeks (well, 14, actually).

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